I Have a Wife

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Lucas’ old friend from high school Harley Jade is in town for a job interview and makes it a point to stop by and see him, full well knowing that he’s married and vulnerable. See, she and Lucas have some past history where they nearly fucked once while he was dating his now-wife, but she arrived early, cutting Harley from sealing the deal. And now she’s in town for revenge! Wide-eyed and worried, Lucas can’t help but stare at Harley’s big natural tits and fat ass, but now that he’s married he’s conflicted about it. That is, until Harley spends the night and wakes him in the wee hours of the morning to fuck him! Will he leave his wife in bed and fuck his old flame, risking his marriage? Find out!

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Harleys Hall Pass

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Harley Jade is home alone. She’s dressed in sexy black lingerie with a silky nighty over top. She’s looking hot as fuck and ready to seduce her husband’s best friend. Little does Derek Pierce know that he’s not only coming over to his buddy’s place to drop off some money, but get busy with his best friend’s honey! Harley surprises Derek, who is shocked to see his buddy’s wife’s fantastic tits peeking underneath her nighty! Harley explains that her husband is home and knows what’s about to go down! You see, Harley caught her husband cheating and instead of going through a nasty divorce for revenge, Ms. Jade decides to get even, by asking her husband for a hall pass to suck and fuck Derek’s dick! Luckily for Harley, Derek’s always fantasized about touching all her curves and smacking her big beautiful butt! Harley flaunts her amazing ass by twerking in Derek’s face and getting his cock nice and hard before bouncing her booty up and down his dick! Looks like this curvy cutie has gotten what she’s always wanted ever since she got married, to have her pretty pussy pounded by her husband’s best friend!

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Harley Jade Takes An Awfully Large Cock In Her Tiny Little Asshole

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Harley Jade Takes An Awfully Large Cock In Her Tiny Little Asshole

Want to ride a Harley? You will! Meet Harley Jade, a blue-eyed babe who likes the nastier things in life. Harley has a nice big booty and she doesn’t waste what she’s been blessed with. She sticks that ass up and out, twerking and working like a proper babe does. She looks hot from any angle, but it’s doggy style that starts the action off with a giant cock against her sweet, young pussy. Giggly little Harley loves backing her pussy up against that dick, and he clearly loves it too. Her sweet slit is so inviting and pussy lovers won’t be disappointed with the action it takes, but anal lovers, you’re in for a treat as well. Harley needs that cock inside her asshole, she needs to ride it, she needs to cum from an ass pounding. Harley riders stick together, who is up next?

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Dirty Shrink

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Dirty Shrink

Sex addict Harley Jade came to therapy to discuss her latest sexual dilemmas. But it’s really hard to remain professional when you have a hot babe like this, talking about sex for an hour, and constantly flirting with you. So as soon as those clothes come off, this session is about to take a much naughtier tone! Watch that amazing big booty jiggle all around your dick in virtual reality as Harley shows you just how much fun her particular addiction can be! (Video duration: 32 minutes)

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Slide Into My DMs

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Harley Jade has a change of plans after getting ditched by her boyfriend. Lucky for her, her direct messages start blowing up with the promise of a free massage. After initially dismissing the messages as spam, Mr. Sins shows up ready to rub. After lubing Harley up, she asks Johnny to focus on bouncing around her big tits. Johnny finds himself going from sliding into her DMs, to sliding his massive cock into her tight pussy!

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Harley Jade Goes For a Ride

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We catch up with Harley Jade while she’s riding a bike showing off her firm ass. If you’ve ever seen Harley before, you’d know that she’s incredibly up beat and fun. So of course she was happy to put on a little show for us, and it’s all about that ass. She really knows how to shake her booty and show it off. Then it was time to get real. Harley sits on our lucky guy’s face, then it’s on to throat-fucking and pussy-fucking. Harley can ride a dick like a pro, and it’s awesome to watch. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you watch the video!

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Harley Jade and the 40 Inches of fantastic ass

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Harley Jade joins us today and it made the day instantly better. That beautiful blonde hair, nice smiling face, and that ass. That ass! There is nothing more lovely, than a beautiful round ass! Harley here has 40 inches of one of the most wonderful asses ever recorded on video. You better watch out Kim, this ass is gunning to smash yours. Harley has pigtails which are useful to hold onto when she’s sucking your dick. Harley bounces that 40 inches all over that fat cock. One of the perverts in charge even stopped by to watch because it’s that damn good.

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Switching Teams: Part 3

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Harley Jade heads over to her girlfriend Yhivi’s place with a surprise for their anniversary, but Yhivi’s brother Michael says Yhivi’s not home. While waiting for her to return Harley tries out their anniversary gift, it’s a dildo! Michael spies on the sexy little lesbian getting all wet and can’t help but take a few pics. When Harley catches him, she thinks quick and spills the beans, Yhivi has been cheating with Harley’s brother! Maybe Harley should do the same…

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