I Have a Wife

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Lucas’ old friend from high school Harley Jade is in town for a job interview and makes it a point to stop by and see him, full well knowing that he’s married and vulnerable. See, she and Lucas have some past history where they nearly fucked once while he was dating his now-wife, but she arrived early, cutting Harley from sealing the deal. And now she’s in town for revenge! Wide-eyed and worried, Lucas can’t help but stare at Harley’s big natural tits and fat ass, but now that he’s married he’s conflicted about it. That is, until Harley spends the night and wakes him in the wee hours of the morning to fuck him! Will he leave his wife in bed and fuck his old flame, risking his marriage? Find out!

Horny women seduce married men for their big dicks!

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